90% of health depends on nutrition

Today the scientific community believes that health is dependent 90%  on diet and only 10% on hereditary diseases. World statistics show that for one of two cases of carcinoma the cause should be sought in the diet. This primarily applies to the 4 types of cancers: breast, colon, prostate and esophagus. Despite the highly developed and perfected medical care, the general health status of people is worse.


Diseases which we are most afraid of: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, respiratory disease, depression, mental illness are constantly increasing. At the World Congress of ecologists in 1985 in Budapest it was confirmed that excessive amounts of food and bad food choices are the cause of cancer in 50% of the cases. Swiss doctor Max-Brher Beuer, at the middle of the last century, had suffered from a severe form of jaundice, and could not eat anything until his wife had given him a slice of apple. Since then he began to recover, and to help others in the same way. For years he researched methods of treatment through eating, and today the clinic that he founded is one of the most famous in the world. Likewise, the German doctor Mark Berson suffered from severe migraines, and when none of the methods of treatment did help, he began to feed only on fruit, green vegetables and seeds. The results were more than excellent, so he continued to feed like that till the end of his life.


The "kura" is a treatment, based on specific plant foods, gives the body the ability to remove toxins and improve metabolism of the cells.


Nobel laureate Albert Schweitzer was a diabetic, to whom doctor Mark Berson had instantly abolished his protein rich diet, and prescribed him a diet made of raw foof and vegetable juices, including apples. Insulin doses which he was receiving became lesser in time, and finally, thanks to the change of diet, he no longer needed insulin injections. Diabetes never returned, and he was eating healthy till the end of his life, died 92 years old.