Biodegradable alternative to plastic from corn cobs

However, since we felt very fortunate in finding a solution for cutlery, we didn't stop there. We started experimenting with other packaging. Most of our packaging was made of plastic and styrofoam, so we decided to apply the same method on these things.


However, we managed for only about 40%. Cakes, lasagna, moussaka... found themselves in a biodegradable pots (which are considerably more expensive), while the soup, salad, menus, remained in the plastic and styrofoam, either because there was no adequate form on the market, or a biodegradable container could not hold the liquid (soup).


However, we didn't stop only at that. We went a step further by introducing paper bags instead of plastic. Here we have achieved a satisfactory ratio of 80% to 20% in favor of paper bags. Plastic bags remained only in the restaurant. However, the same as with the equipment, we are always dealing with the price, but we are working intesively on resolving that problem too.
In the last article I wrote about the culture of higher values that lies in the objectives of the vegetarian restaurant Vegehop. One of the items of business with which we wanted to show how to think ecologically was the introduction of an electric motor for delivery.


Here's a little information. During the takeover of a restaurant Vegehop, delivery was working with 2 petrol fuel drived motors, while later 2 more have joined the "fleet". Each of them was spending (in cash) around 20 kuna daily. So not only the costs were rising, but we were bothered by so much pollution. In some ways the bidders of an electric motor came to us. Although these were 3 times more expensive in the beginning, in only one year time they would have repayed themselves, because they were spending (in cash) only 25 kuna a month of electricity, not to mention what a gift it was to Mother Earth (in terms of environmental protection).


After three weeks in compost the microorganisms have devoured the bottom of the pot. After three months the pot no longer exists.


"Ha,what a success" – you might say. But the true face of "China" and the quality of their products quickly showed that now the Mother Earth is even happier with our new idea – the bicycle. Not only does it not pollute the environment, but also takes care of the health of our employees.


If you have any idea of how Vegehop can still contribute to creating a culture of higher values, please write to us at


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Thanks for thinking "green."

Dalibor Maric, manager