Ginger is a permanent tuberous plant from the lily family, originating from China, in our region also known as "đumbir". 

It's sharp, penetrating and spicy aroma gives specific flavour to Asian cuisine dishes, especially those prepared in the wok. The particularity of ginger is in the note of exoticy and orientality, which separates it from the indigenous, Mediterranean spices. It is quite aromatic, strong, with sharp taste and pleasant aroma which owes to the essential oil and various fragrant resins. It has many medicinal properties, it is helping to ease the digestive problems, colds, while the ginger tea is drunk at the time of "spring cleaning" since it helps to break down fat cells. It also encourages circulation and refreshes the skin, so it is increasingly found in cosmetic formulations. 

Ginger is a real tonic for the entire digestive system. 
• Strengthens immunity 
• Defends your body 
• Enhances the digestion and food processing in the stomach 
• Balances intestinal flora.


In Ayurvedic medicine it is used in combination with honey to treat asthma and cough. It is also used as an analgesic, aromatic, aphrodisiac, digestive and general stimulant.