Ecological utensils are not ‘ecological’ after all

Dear customers,


After the test which we had conducted on food containers we use for cakes, moussaka, etc., made of corn cobs (which we wrote about in our past articles), the same test was conducted on the utensils. It is interesting how, even though the containers started decomposing in the ground after 3 weeks, the utensils did not change even after many months.


We immediately had some suspicions and turned to the supplier (the same factory supplies both articles) putting forward our observations. But they immediately tried to defend themselves, saying that they could guarantee for the containers because they manufactured them themselves. In the case of the utensils, they said that they could not vouch for them, since they were being manufactured in other factories (specialized for plastic utensils) to whom they made deliveries of excess eco-plastic (production waste remnants) and that therefore they could not be sure or guarantee what the other factory was doing with their eco-raw materials.


We do not know that either, but the test confirms that the ‘so-called plastic’ is not decomposing (as that of the containers) – which all leads to the speculation that the factories which manufacture the plastic utensils mix eco-raw materials with the materials they normally use. And that would mean it could take 2.000 years for even a small hole to appear on those utensils.


We felt obliged to inform you about this and about some of our further steps:


1. We desist from buying quasi-ecological utensils with the starting price of… and unfortunately continue to buy those made of plastic.


2. We will keep the ‘plastic taxes’ and continue to charge 2 kn for the utensils, for the sole purpose of reminding the people, when ordering out, that they can use their own utensils or bring some to their office and use them multiple times. 


We hope you agree with our decision. We are at your disposal for all the suggestions and commentaries. Write to us!

I wish you a pleasant ecological day.

Dalibor Marić executive