Just chew and chew

Chewing is the beginning of digestion, and the more you chew your food, the more will your stomach be grateful to you.


Oshawa George once said: "As the stomach has no teeth, one has to chew the food well in one's mouth."


Chewing produces saliva which has a beneficial effect on internal organs and strengthens the immune system. Further chewing improves the taste of food, complex sugars are released from grains and vegetables, and thus the need for sweets is being reduced. Chewing develops patience, stability, while some experts argue that long chewing can even reduce harmful ingredients up to 50%. It is not only important to change the diet, but also the way we eat that food. It has been proven that people who, due to the stress and fast pace of life do not chew,  and just swallow the food, are exposed to high risk of esophagus cancer. It is believed that healthy people should chew each bite 30-50 times, while ill 100– 150 times, and even more. If that seems to be a lot for You, You can start by chewing every bite 5 to 10 times more each day, until you reach fifty times! You'll feel the benefits very quickly!