Letters of Dalibor Maric to a writer Rhonda Byrne

tajne, secret

Dear Rhonda,


Thank you for the beautiful books you wrote and, of course, for the movie The Secret. Now that you have become very famous and a leading author in the field of making people happy, I have to express my concerns related to your last book which has been translated into Croatian, The Magic. There are 600 000 000 vegetarians, myself included, and one of our main concerns is the protection of animals. That is why I would ask you to be careful when you write your books (as well as making movies - something I wrote to you about in my last letter).


Just as I wrote to you before (and received a reply from your office – my letter obviously never reached you) I would like to take this opportunity and point out the irregularities I found while reading the book. In the eighth chapter, The Magic Ingredient, you state: ''Think about the production of meat, about the fishermen, the milkmen... if enough people feel gratitude for food and water that could actually help people who lack food and live in poverty“.


This is the quote that makes me sad because it would only take one movie made by an animal protection activist to expose our hypocrisy in such ''gratitude“. I would like you not to inspire people to be thankful for the bloodshed and torture. You yourself state in the chapter titled The Power and Creation (Imagination) of your second book, The Power: ''What you imagine shouldn't harm other people. If you imagine something that would harm another person, that doesn't come from love but from the lack of love. Each negativity, even if only imagined, will return to its sender with equal strength. Whatever you give, you receive...''. These were two quotes from your two books. Aren't they contradictory? Aren't animals also creatures that need love, compassion... Just like you wrote in the chapter titled The Power and You (Give Meaning To Your Life): ''If anyone harms another person, the law of attraction infallibly reacts...''


You have become a great world leader now and just as the Bhagavad Gita (that you quote in your books) states ''Whatever a great person does, others follow...'', you now have a tremendous responsibility and therefore I am asking you to avoid any reference to meat in your future books and movies.


Your books have changed many people's lives and so I wish you to remain successful and I thank you for bringing a strong spiritual note into your books.


Yours sincerely

Dalibor Marić


PS. I have attached a letter I sent 3 years ago in relation to the movie The Secret, hoping that this time you would get a chance to read it.


Dear Mrs Bryne,


Thank you for the movie which changed the lives of many people. You have already made history. But, one of the consequencess of this success of yours could be a wrong interpretation of happiness founded on the distress of others. That is why I was so sad to see that you included pictures of meat in your movie and the text by Donald Walsch. In  my opinion, remaining neutral (no meat and no debate on vegetarianism) would have been a much better option. Wouldn't it be better to simply cut out the barbecue scene that is shown while Mr James Arthur speaks about us as spiritual beings. The fact remains that many philosophies confirm that the thing the actor is grilling also used to be a spiritual being, whose life was taken away. If, according to the movie The Secret, we, the humans, are spiritual beings, let us not take that spirituality away from the animals.


The intention of this letter is not at all to diminish your contribution to this world. On the contrary, I myself now work more on ''spreding the vegetarianism'' than ''fighting animal abuse''. You have taught me a lot. But, still, I felt I needed to write this letter as well as the letter below addressed to Mr Donald Walsch. I am sure you recieve thousands of letters a day but it would be great if this letter somehow reached you and inspired you to – if not include vegetarianism into The Secret, then at least - be neutral to it and not support violence


Yours sincerely
Dalibor Marić (37), manager of vegetarian restaurant Vegehop in Zagreb, Croatia (Europe)


PS. This is a link to a very short movie of 1:47 min.


(The letter sent to Mr Neal  Donald Walsch, October, 2010)


Dear Mr Neal Donald Walsch,


First I would like to thank you and the entire crew of the movie The Secret for the really important knowledge you gave us. I have started to apply many of the techniques.

But, there is one thing I do not consider right. And that is that our happiness is founded on the distress of others. For example, when you say:  ''Enjoy love, freedom, happiness...! If you are happy to enjoy your ham sandwich – do it!''

I didn't really expect you to promote vegetarianism in your movie but it would also be unfair to other living creatures (animals) to promote the secret of success and happiness based on inflicting pain on them.
Had Adolf Hitler watched the movie some 50 years ago, he would have come to the conclusion: ''Yes, Mr Donald is right. The only thing that inspires me and makes me happy is when I watch the Jews burn. I'll do what makes me happy...''


With this sentence of yours you have hurt the feelings of millions of vegetarians around the world (including me) because for so many people who watch the movie or read the book you have encouraged violence. And, what's most ironic, in that scene the actor is petting his cat. Does that mean we can pet a cat but a little calf or a bunny or even in some countries the very animal we pet we can put into a sandwich?


I apologize for the harsh letter. My opinion does not at all diminish the value of the movie which I personally took to heart and try to implement in my own life.


Yours sincerely
Dalibor Marić (37) manager of the vegetarian restaurant Vegehop in
Zagreb Croatia (Europe)