Rhonda Byrne answer to Dalibor

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Dear Dalibor,


Thank you for taking the time to write and express your concerns. I completely understand your feelings on vegetarianism, and I can appreciate that any words to the contrary of that ideal cause distress and your feelings to plummet. However I hope that somewhere in my writings and my work you have found words that when you focus on them, lift your spirits and bring you peace and joy - because that is my intention for everyone. If every human being was filled with peace and joy, then everything else on planet Earth would naturally be in peace and joy as a consequence. I believe this is your dream, and it is mine too.


Rhonda Byrne

Dear Rhonda,


I received your letter at 5am (due to a different time zone) and I was so excited that I immediately got up and started chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra :).


However I hope that somewhere in my writings and my work you have found words that when you focus on them, lift your spirits and bring you peace and joy - because that is my intention for everyone.
Of course your books have been a source of great inspiration and gave me additional boost along with other gurus (such as Sacinandana Swami, who taught me about Focus and Energy that I have to invest in order to achieve my goals).


How else would I have reached the President of Croatia and not only talk about vegetarianism but also prepare a whole feast for him :) ?


How else would I have spent months as a personal assistant to my own guru Lokanath Swami Maharaj all through India, Mauritius, Europe… J (We even watched The Secret together, I remember, while we were in Czeck Republic).


How else would I have brought Mr. Michael Cremo into my little country (you can hardly find it on a map), organize his tour and advertise his books The Forbidden Archaeology and Human Devolution… And many other things which seem impossible to some other people…


Furthermore, how else would I have reached you and received a personal reply from you, a person who gets thousands of letters a day from all over the world :)


When he was 70, our spiritual master, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, came from India to the West. That was in 1965. His only possession then was a bag with some oatmeal, an umbrella, some Indian rupees worth $7 and a chest filled with books. When he got off the steamboat, he didn't know where to turn – left or right. Completely alone and with no money. After several months of living in the poorest quarters of New York, he was sitting on a bench in a park and a gentleman approached him. He asked Prabhupada: “I can tell you're coming from India, what do you do?“ Swami replied: ''I publish many books, I open temples all around the world and I am a leader of a very strong spiritual movement.“ When the man asked where he could visit any of the temples, Prabhupada said he could not do that yet, but only time separates them from the manifestation.


In less than ten years, the Hare Krishna movement spread across the globe. The man from the park could see that for himself when he accidentally came into one of the temples and saw Prabhupada's picture: ''I can't believe it, the old man was speaking the truth. Everything came true. But back then, he didn't have anything“.


So, Rhonda, thank you very much for a great service you have done to this entire world. Also a big thanks to your customer service which finally forwarded my letter to you. Thank you for finding time to listen to my suggestions related to vegetarianism and to your future books and projects.


In the end, let me express ma desire that, if you ever visit a Hare Krishna temple, may you remember that it happened because of the wish of one of your readers from Croatia :)


There is a temple in Sidney, 180 Falcon Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060 and one of the best vegetarian chefs in the world works there (I speak from experience, he visited Croatia). His name is Kurma Das and I am sure you will find some of his specialties there :)


You can be proud of your country – Nemo the fish was there when his father was looking for him, the Matrix movie was filmed there and, much like your books, it also gave a different perspective of the world. In the end, a great person lives there – YOU :)


Very happy for being in contact with you,
Dalibor Maric