Sponsorships in February

In February, the vegetarian restaurant Vegehop was a proud sponsor of the premiere dance performance "Little Tragedy" in Zagreb Dance Centre, by the author Marija Šćekić, in the production of Histeria NOVA. The play "Little Tragedy" is a challenging, risky and technically demanding project that uses the stage of the Zagreb Dance Center in a unique and innovative way.

It differs from other dance performances by the fact that the author in the performance applies unusual body movements in space. An integral part of the choreography are the elements of free fall, flying, distortion and coordination of bodies that the author so far had not used in her usual dance vocabulary and which are seldom seen in dance theaters. The main partner of the project was the Mountain Rescue Service.


In February, Vegehop was also the sponsor of "Theme of the Month – Capitalization" at www.editorplus.hr, and introduced itself as a sponsor at the 7th Mystery Shopping Day at Hotel Antunović.


Vegehop is currently also a sponsor of Heraklea Customer Service Academy.