Why do we in Vegehop restaurant exclusively use brown sugar?

This is a good question, since it is up to ten times more expensive than plain white sugar. The answer is – because brown cane sugar contains minerals and vitamins which the body absorbs. In the case of white sugar, it is quite different because a completely opposite effect is taking place. The human organism treats white sugar as a sort of an intruder attacking the immunity (when it is ingested in greater amounts) because white sugar does not contain vitamins and minerals, therefore taking it from the human body. In terms of minerals, brown sugar is especially rich in potassium and magnesium, while white sugar takes them from the human body for its decomposition, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Both white beet sugar and brown cane sugar have almost the same amount of calories, but what we should pay attention to in sugar consumption is the fact that sugar creates a kind of addiction. It may sound as an exaggeration, but how many friends (mostly girl friends) do you have who say that they cannot do without a daily dose of chocolate, a dose which is constantly increasing? I remember when we were on a seminar on one of our beautiful islands, at one moment a friend from ‘Green Istria’ started shaking. She openly admitted that if she did not, in the shortest time possible, find a shop where she would be able to buy chocolate, the shaking of her hand would grow into severe nervousness and that it would be best if we were not in her vicinity at that time. If I had not seen it personally, I would not have believed in this story. The reason for what happened to her is the fact that sugar, as well as cocoa, enhances the so called happiness hormone. In other words, the decrease in serotonin causes low spirits, sadness, depression, which are then usually ‘treated’ with chocolate. The body reacts in almost the same way as with drug addiction.


However, what is also interesting is the fact that all these hormones are being excreted by the human brain, but when the shortage of some of the hormones is being replaced by the external stimuli, the brain naturally reduces its excretion... Since that need can never be completely satisfied, as it can be done with the internal natural excretion, the doses of external stimuli are occasionally being raised, thus creating tolerance for low spirits, sadness, depression, leaving the needs unfulfilled even with greater amounts of sugar. That is why we need to be careful with sugar. We should try to take in only 90 grams of sugar per day, as being suggested by the experts, and make it brown sugar, fruit sugar, scone and rice malt and other sweeteners on the list of healthy sugars. To prepare its deserts Vegehop restaurant uses brown sugar, agave syrup, fruit, rice or scone malt, but never white sugar.


Bon appétit!