Word of the Vegehop restaurant manager

First of all to introduce myself. My name is Dalibor Maric and I have nothing to do with the kitchen. Now you will ask yourself how is it that I decided to run a restaurant. So to clarify that, let's start with the presentation of Vegehop’s objectives.

The aim of the Vegehop restaurant is to create frenzy fans for vegetarian/vegan food and to create a culture of higher values (this word, the culture of higher values, has actually inspired me the most to start with this business). What does this mean? Well, let's start from ourselves. What is our contribution to the chaos that is inevitable in today's civilization? Man was never more advanced in the development of science, technology, art, improvement of living conditions...but is this not just ephemeral in relation to the major setbacks in the field of environmental protection, ethics, spirituality, freedom (slavery to the media) and bringing the human race before the very act of extinction?


In response to the question of what our contribution is to the chaos, everyone will say – probably great, but what can I do with that? Well, I decided to give a small contribution by starting to lead Vegehop. Since I have been a vegetarian for 21 years, I wanted to take upon myself the mission of raising awareness of people to come out of the Matrix – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEkc70ztOrc.


However, in response to the question of what we can do to reduce the chaos in which we live, we do not need everybody to be missionaries. Let's start with small things. For example, to start with separating a paper from the trash and disposing it in the container for paper in front of the building. If we want to do "great work", let us then separate returnable plastic packaging and put it by the trash cans (not inside the can) and watch. Look, for less than 8 minutes, a person, who aims to collect as much packaging as possible to earn the funds for his/her own existence, already appears. Wow, did you feel something strange in the heart? Well, yes. It's called pleasure because of the "great good deeds." And when you gain a tolerance for that feeling, then do not give up, go further. Raise your stakes to restoring the feeling in your chest, which is called happiness from doing a good deed. Reduce the slaughter of animals in such a way that you will eat "green for one day ". Let it begin with Monday. How much benefit will you make with that? A lot for the planet Earth. On the reduction of global warming have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9mdfGcquL4&feature=digest.


Well, my desire to increase the role of a sense of happiness because of doing good work grew so much that I had to take over the Vegehop vegetarian restaurant (although I do not know anything about the kitchen or cooking). How much benefit to the planet and to the people am I making by this? Enormous. But more about that in other texts.

In case you want to hear anything about the specifics of the restaurant, post questions to me personally, or be found in this column, feel free to write to info@vegehop.hr. The most interesting comments and questions with answers will be published.

Thank you for what you eat (at least on Mondays) and think green!