Green corner

Green Monday in Vegehop!

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Vegetarian and vegan restaurant Vegehop also joined the Green Monday Campaign.
Every Monday
 we give freshly squeezed juice for free with a daily menu, and also delivery prices are lower.
By participating in the campaign we closer the importance of nutrition to our guests and encourage them to make the other days of the week green. Their gratitude and warmth encourages us to continue spreading good vibes for all of us and our planet!

With Ginger drink against viruses and colds!

With the arrival of temperature changes, there also comes a virus and flu season, and many of us remember Ginger - a great anti-inflammatory herbal whose beneficial effects can be found in many fields.

It is a strong herbal which is rightly considered one of the healthiest in the world due to its numerous benefits::

- Soothes inflammation of upper respiratory tract
- Relieves the symptoms of asthma
- Boosts immunity