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Great drinks in all shapes!

With the coming of a changeable time and temperature changes, season of viruses and colds has come as well, and many of us are thinking of ginger - a great anti-inflammatory foodstuff whose positive effects can be found in many fields.

It is a food that is rightly considered one of the healthiest in the world and its benefits are really numerous:

- it calms inflammation of the deep airways
- relieves asthma symptoms
- boosts immunity
- calms the stomach, cleanses and treats intestinal problems
- reduces muscle inflammation
- It enhances the treatment of migraine and works effectively after chemotherapy
- dissolves fatty deposits and detoxifies the organism

Sensa and our guests confirm that the favorite drink in the most famous Vegehop restaurant in Zagreb is Ginger drink - a ginger and lemon juice sweetened with agave syrup. For your glass of this powerful detoxifying drink, come to Vegehop, and take it out!
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