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Famous American basketball player of Chichago Bulls and New York Knicks, Demetris Nichols, arrived in Croatia 6 months ago, where he is currently playing for KK Cedevita. Since he has arrived in Zagreb, he is our dear permanent guest and we were curious about his diet decisions. Demetrius told us about benefits of vegetarian diet in his professional and private life and his decisions that changed his life.
In desire to bring you closer to the relevant nutritive values of our menus, we turned to doctors of science who conducted the research and made a nutritive analysis of our daily menus compared to fast-food meals.

The vegetarian and vegan restaurant Vegehop is a place where your mind and spirit are nourished&n

We use biodegradable packaging that we bring to your door every day, the doors of people who think green with heart and soul. Every day there is more and more of green hearts and we are very proud of that!
With the 'Green Monday' campaign, Zagreb became the first Croatian city to join this world campaign.
Guest's comments from all over the world were enough to make Vegehop a winner and win its first and upcoming Certificate of Excellence!
With the coming of a changeable time and temperature changes, season of viruses and colds has come as well, and many of us are thinking of ginger - a great anti-inflammatory foodstuff whose positive effects can be found in many fields.
Considering that there is always at least a little mention of the food in the book, it would be great to read in the restaurant as well. If you find the right book for yourself with the food that suits you, you have feed the mind and the body.
According to the event you are preparing, we create an offer that, due to its diversity and recognition notes, leaves a strong impression on guests and also on event's organizer.
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